Craig Lea

Group Facilities and Maintenance Manager, LEVC

I’m a big believer in recognising hard work, effort, and simply doing your job well; as opposed to only ever escalating when it’s bad news. In recent months there has been a lot go on here at Ansty, with some extremely high level visits from our Chairman and his team, with various government figures and most recently our Prime Minister. I’ve been so impressed with my main day shift officers Max, Joe, and Scott!! They have been absolute stars and have fronted up massively, I could write a list of all the good, but wouldn’t want to bore you too much. So I’ll simply say this; their responsiveness, support, and professionalism have been nothing short of excellent, and they really have gone above and beyond to support me……. It’s great and extremely settling to know that I have this level of support, and they have the support from you guys at HQ. I’m proud of them, and I’m hoping you guys will be too?!?!?

Lauren Mitcham

Editor - Bottle

After 6 of our security officers guarded 6 supercars at the preview of new film, Le Mans 66, on site at Star City on 12th November 2019. ‘Big thank you to your officers for tonight - they’ve been great!’

Deborah Lapworth

Security Support Manager, Notemachine

Just wanted to make comment reference Stuart Park who attended an alarm activation recently. When onsite Stuart conducted a full patrol of the building, whilst at the rear of the property he found a door insecure and when he investigated further he found the premise empty with no one onsite. Following all the information provided by Stuart I was able to assess the risk and appropriate measures were  carried out to reduce the risk. Stuart agreed to stay at site until these measures were in place. The outcome of this incident may have been completely different had Stuart not acted as he did.  Professional in his approach, he assessed the situation quickly and actioned appropriately. With all the information provided by Stuart we were able to resolve the issues without any further concerns. Given the above I felt some positive feedback was required

Lee Bradbury

Facilities ManagerLambert Smith Hampton

Hi, I wanted to pass on comments from Tom Morgan and myself regarding Mark today.  Mark went above and beyond to help us with viewings and has been of great help. We wanted to pass this on to you so that he gets the recognition he deserves for this. Tom was particularly grateful. Please can you pass this on to him, I will of course feed this back to him when I see him next in person.

Newman University

Matthew Hammersley

Newman University

As you know last week Angie Dexter was given an award from Student Union for helping a Disabled person park her car and being generally very helpful. I am very proud that one of our Security team member got such an award. So a big well done to Ange and hope for many more awards amongst the team. I think getting this award is a great achievement and maybe we could ask her to be nominated employee of the month as a MAN Commercial LTD employee.

British Transport Police

Piotr Gass

Police ConstableBritish Transport Police, Grand Central, 52 Navigation Street, B2 4BW

I am writing to acknowledge your CCTV Operator, Alex DAVIS’s hard work, determination and assistance with identifying the main victim of a high profile criminal investigation where a teenage girl was allegedly sexually assaulted at a train station. Thanks to Alex’s actions and attention to detail, we have saved a lot of time and effort viewing hours of CCTV footage.   I believe that Alex is a valuable member of your team, and I hope that her hard work will be also recognised by her supervision.

Angela Williams

Reception Manager, RAYDOCS, Newtown Health Centre

Just thought I'd let you know that Basil Wallace has been nominated as employee of the month for Raydocs  (Newtown HC & Aston Pride)- July 2017. Although he is part of the wider team he was nominated for his professionalism and efficiency with both staff and patients. Clinicians feel very reassured if there is any problems as they are dealt with in a  proper manner. He has tremendous knowledge of the building and workers and knows exactly what to do when there is a crisis regarding safety of staff and patients.

West Midlands Combined Authority

Michael Sayers

Safer Travel OfficerWest Midlands Combined Authority

I’d just like to send another email to let you know of some fantastic work by a member of your team. Alexandra Davies has worked incredibly hard over the last couple of months and on more than one occasion she has gone above and beyond to get the job done. She has been involved in some incredible arrests over the last month or so that have just been through her using her instincts. There are 2 examples just on Christmas day alone of the great work that Alex is achieving so I would just like to acknowledge this and pass on our thanks via you.

Mike Sayers


I wanted to bring some outstanding work to your attention by one of your CCTV operators. Toni Whetter has always consistently performed to a high standard and although she's not been with us all that long she has become one of the most dependable operators we have. However she has now outdone herself. Toni has assisted in the arrest of 2 seperate sets of wanted people and she has done this through sheer hard work and determination. In one of these instances she went above and beyond, using her knowledge of the area we cover to follow 2 suspects wanted for a serious offence. She followed them on a bus over a number of miles and got them detained. This arrest has resulted in West Midlands Police putting her forward for a special police award for her efforts. Please may I ask that MAN Commercial also show their appreciation for the hard work she has been carrying out. She is a great employee and she really does give a great impression of your company.

Tricorn House

Sharon Byrne

Building Manager, Tricorn House

The team at Tricorn House have worked very hard to deliver a high standard of service over the last couple of months. The building has been extremely busy in preparation for our new tenant arriving in November and at times it has been very demanding.  Brad in particular has risen to the occasion and has been very helpful to myself and his colleagues, he has also developed a very good working relationship with the builders on site.  Chris has been very supportive in arranging additional cover at short notice and has worked hard to get the team on track.

Adrian La Riviere

Lambert Smith Hampton

Just wanted to say the last 2 weeks have been a pleasure, Leon has been brilliant covering for Imran. On a number of occasions he has displayed both common sense and initiative resulting in becoming very popular with the tenants.  He coped really well when we had an unexpected Fire Alarm activation and handled the situation in a calm and professional manner. He managed get a jammed door open for my tenant on the 3rd floor when they were panicking and finally to top it all off, he’s even managed to bring in some scones, cream and Jam for afternoon tea, seriously it don’t get much better than that!


Mark Welsby

General Manager, ParrsWood Entertainment Centre, Retail Parks & Leisure, Land Securities

Just wanted to let you know that I have Nominated Rueben Boardman, Duty Security Manager for ParrsWood for a Quarterly award via the Land Securities People in Action awards.  Rueben in particular, but also the security team has worked hard over the last twelve months to combat the issues we have been having with youths on site and the problems arising such as, Anti-social Behaviour issues, criminal damage and assaults on staff members. Rueben took the initiative after the local police weren’t able to assist fully with the issues due to a lack of resources and instead developed a relationship with the local authority who were having issues with the same youths in other areas of Manchester. Reuben managed to include ParrsWood on the councils behaviour orders and injunctions that were being issued to the youths, something which if we were to do directly would of been very costly though our legal department.  Having resolved the incidents arising swiftly has also meant that Rueben has protected our reputation with our brand partners and customers and that we received no negative PR during the period. I will keep you updated on his people in action award status and will keep my fingers crossed for him as I do really appreciate his support, time and dedication on this.

John Gauntlett

Security Manager, Bechtel

Once again one of the Security Officers has excelled. Tony Ali kept checking a person who was sleeping in the park adjacent to FC200. He was a well-dressed man who had obviously had a good night out to make sure he was safe, Tony was very concerned and carried on his checks and eventually got the man up and sat on a bench. If there was any problems Tony would have called 101. We as a Company are going to give Tony a reward and I would like to recommend Tony as employee of the month of Man Commercial. Looking forward to your comments please.

Birmingham City Council

Elaine Hann

Professional Support OfficerBirmingham Council

I would like to put our MAN Commercial Protection security guard, Lamin, forward for the employee of the month. He is so helpful to both the staff and visitors to our centre and nothing is too much trouble for him to do. Quite often he does things to help us without even being asked. I really do feel that service like this should be recognised.

Sgt 1284 Dave Keasey

Safer Travel Police Team (B)West Midlands Police

Can I just give my written thanks for the excellent work that the CCTV operators completed with regard to the bike theft offences in Yardley Wood.  If not for their prompt and effective action we would undoubtedly have been left with a very different ending to the incident. The team have managed to obtain excellent footage of the offences taking place, good footage of the offenders and have had the wherewithal to contact both the Safer Travel Policing Team as well as local officers, passing accurate information. This has resulted in officers being able to attend the location, recover all 5 of the stolen bicycles and efforts to arrest all of the offenders are on-going. Being able to quantify this type of work is often very difficult but the teams response will have almost certainly helped to minimise the feelings of disappointment that the victims of these crimes would be left feeling and offer them plenty of reassurance that the MAN security team are doing their very best to keep them safe and secure on the network they monitor.  Please pass on my thanks to both the team and any regional managers that would be pleased to hear about such excellent work.

Malcom Parker

Head of Risk Management & Emergency PlanningBirmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and your colleagues for the help and support provided by Man Commercial last week, when the new Birmingham Dental Hospital was opened by HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.  As a result of recent events in Paris, you were able to increase and enhance security provision at short notice to ensure that security aspects were addressed. All the Man Commercial staff were a credit to themselves and the company. They were polite, smart, engaging and supportive and provided the right balance of a visible presence without being overbearing. They were able to be flexible in their approach and were willing to be adaptable and resourceful on the day. There were a small number of minor concerns which they dealt with appropriately and effectively. Man Commercial have always provided this Trust with an excellent service and this was continued during this high profile event. - Could you please pass on my thanks to all involved.

Gary Foulds

Building ManagerLambert Smith Hampton

As per our recent telephone conversation regarding Liam Thornton I would like to say what a credit he is to your company he always goes the extra mile and recently covered for me twice at Bermondsey square at very short notice, he is a pleasure to work with and I just thought you should be made aware of his efforts.

Paul Sturman

Operations Manager GEFCO UK LTD

I just wanted to bring to your attention that Roland did above and beyond for me at Corby last weekend. He offered to come in at 9pm on a Saturday night to make sure that Circus goers at Rockingham left without incident to our vehicles that were parked there. He came in for about half an hour and left when all was ok. I wished all of my staff were as conscientious as Roland rather than just a few. It would make life at work a lot easier. I’m not sure if you have an award programme, if so I would like to put his name forward.

Dawn Smith

Centre Co ordinator NHS Property Services Ltd

I would like to nominate Abdul Hamid for guard of the month – not sure if I’ve missed the deadline for this month? I’ve been meaning to contact you for a while and haven’t had the chance! Abdul again has demonstrated real commitment to the site and works tremendously hard around the building. He’s always accessible and ready for action! My colleagues often comment how hard working he is and he has continued to be proactive still after 4 years working with me on my site. They still comment on what a legend he was at the Swan Centre! He’s reliable, trustworthy and dependable; which I’m sure you’d agree. When my afternoon guard Simon suddenly departed company with me Abdul stepped up to the play and grafted and worked double shifts without any issues. He is a credit to your company.

Rupert Stableford

Office Services, Bechtel Ltd

I would like to praise Brian and recommend him for a MAN commendation for his actions beyond his normal duties when the catering lady could not attend site, he not only arranged cover but acted beyond his remit by covering as necessary and taking charge in my absence to make sure conference orders were fulfilled. As I said this was beyond his remit and is very reassuring for me that in my absence he has the initiative to know what to do and to look after the client. As I said I cannot praise him enough and appreciate his exceptional service once again.

Shelley Duncan

Secretary/Trustee Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer

I am writing on behalf of all the volunteers of Ladies fighting breast cancer to thank you and commend your security staff at the Star City venue of a job well done. Over the last month Free Radio FM started a campaign with one of our patient volunteers Dee to turn Star City into Bra City by collecting bras to be displayed and then recycled with funds coming to the charity and the actual bras being relocated to those in need in Africa.
Over a period of the last two weeks Star City have allowed us to have a stand in the atrium so that we can distribute our information leaflet to bring Breast Cancer awareness to those who visit and to jog a few memories on remembering to check yourself, along with selling merchandise to raise funds.
All of your security staff have been absolutely wonderful; not only helping in locating tables, chairs etc but also all the lifting and carrying which I'm sure is not actually in their job description of security! Phil and Alfredo have been especially helpful in allowing us to leave all our items safely in an unused unit and helping in the lifting and carrying all with a cheeky smile.
It always pays to be nice and it costs nothing to say thank you, but I do hope that you will pass on our special thanks to all the extremely helpful staff of yours who work in that particular area. They are a credit to your company.

John Taylor

Security Event Coordinator OCS Group Limited

Just a note to mention how your team reacted to the protester on ‘Best in Show ‘at Crufts this year.

Your team dealt with the issue quickly in a very swift manner that most of the audience didn’t realise it had happened. It was dealt with so quickly that he didn’t get any air time on live TV which please the Kennel Club no end. The organisers were very happy also how it was dealt with.


Gregg McDonald

Corby Centre Manager, Gefco

Just to let you know I received a call from your guys last night to let me know that our offices had flooded (they noticed on patrol), we managed to get a staff member and a plumber to site to isolate the problem before it got out of hand. I just wanted you to know your guys reacted brilliantly in terms of timings and actions including isolating the water supply and even grabbing a mop and bucket!  Its true to say without their actions we would not have been able to open the office as usual this morning so please pass on my thanks and appreciation. - As always your team here does a great job.

Light Hall School logo

John Dancer

Community Liaison Officer, Light Hall School

Now the dust is settling and I can see the wood from the trees again I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you very much for the support Mike and the team gave us last Thursday for our open evening. I can truly say they were tremendous and took one of our biggest worries of the evening away and superbly managed the parking for all of our visitors. They added value with their suggestions on the best way to handle the issue and showed fantastic customer care throughout the evening. They are true ambassadors for Man Commercial Protection Ltd

Elaine Hann

Professional Support Officer St Andrews Contact Centre

As mentioned on the telephone, I would like to advise you of the excellent service Phil has been giving us at St Andrews Contact Centre, especially following an incident that has just occurred here today.  As a contact centre for children and families with social service involvement, the centre can witness some highly volatile occurrences, one such incident has just occurred.

A child, had become uncontrollable, swearing, kicking and trying to destroy the contact room, and was also making his brothers cry.  Phil, after being requested to help, spoke to the child and explained that he knew exactly how he was feeling and what he was going through.  He sat with the child and calmed him down, which was something that his support worker was unable to do. This particular child has previously behaved like this in our centre and the workers with him have never been able to calm him down to the level that Phil managed.

Throughout this incident Phil took full control of the situation, which resulted in the child relaxing completely.  It feel that service like this gives out an excellent picture of how efficient MAN staff are, and deserves some sort of recognition to Phil.

Andrea Sillman

Events Staffing Manager Leicester Tigers / LMF Festival

Hi Iain, I just wanted to thank MAN Commercial for all their fantastic work at the first LMF festival held at Leicester Tigers at the weekend.  We really cannot thank the team enough, especially Scott and Kev for all their support leading up to our 1st event and their incredible work on the 2 days, their expertise was invaluable and certainly helped the event run smoothly.

Can you also please pass on our thanks to Mick and Michelle who were fantastic on the 2 days and were extremely supportive of the event, again their input was invaluable.  Everyone who attended the event had a really good time, and any incident that occurred was dealt swiftly and extremely professionally by your teams, especially the response guys who were great, which allowed the customers to enjoy a safe environment in which to enjoy themselves on 2 very hot and long days!!.

Once again a huge thank you to you and all the team and we look forward to working with you in the future. With Kindest Regards

Dave Goodwin

Hambleton District Council

Kevin - just a brief note of thanks to you and John for the superb job you did for us last Saturday. I know for you it will just be business as usual, but it was refreshing for us to work with people who are so professional , do what they say they will , and with no fuss or drama . The way you conducted yourself was a lesson to us all. There are many people in that village for whom it was a very big day - you helped make that day for them - Many thanks again

Mark Welsby

Centre Manager Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre Bentley Bridge Entertainment Centre

Just wanted to pass along my thanks to the team and to provide the positive feedback your team has received from their involvement in the ParrsWood Easter Funday. I’m pleased to say that the day went without any issues and we managed to raise £600+ for Francis House. Once again your team at ParrsWood went above and beyond their remit to ensure that the day was a success so my  thanks to all.

Sal Dhaliwal

Supervisor Centro

I Just wanted to say thank you to your team in the CCTV room! Andrew, Adam, Sarah and Latoya were brilliant! They called an ambulance for a ill child with breathing difficulty, assisted with finding a missing man and looked through CCTV for evidence in regards to Police log case number 237.
Appreciate their help. Well done!

Michael Sayers

Safer Travel Officer - CCTV Centro

I just wanted to pass on our thanks for the prompt way in which your company dealt with our issue on Tuesday. It only enhances the confidence we have in your company, especially as it was only the 2nd day of you looking after that specific contract.

It was a very serious issue which needed to be dealt with in a personal and professional way, all of which you did in the short timescale needed with minimal fuss.


Neil Gravett

Senior Implementation Manager, Land Securities Properties Ltd

Firstly my thanks on behalf of LS Leisure for the Stirling work the onsite MAN Commercial Protection team and particularly Richard and Tom have achieved and continue to achieve since the flood on Christmas day. We know have all the essential contractors in place and instructed as to what they need to do. They will be feeding back to me their findings and I will be making decisions on any next steps as and when information is available. Please continue to give all the tenants and contractors that visit site every assistance in accessing the property and please keep an eye on the email update to tenants as this will be the latest information we are sharing with tenants and should be repeated with regard to any enquiries made at site by tenants and customers. Further please make a contingency plan to increase security officers by at least one and possibly two during trading hours to deploy any life safety duties (fire) that may result in us not being able to affect a full repair of the landlord’s fire alarm and sprinkler systems before we open for trade. We provide information on the duties and actions to be taken in the event a fire is discovered in occupied or common areas.

Dawn Smith

Centre Co ordinator, NHS Property ServicesBirmingham

Amir has demonstrated and displayed a real commitment to Washwood; especially following his colleagues unforeseen sudden absence mid December. I’ve noted how he has reported to site in his own time to help covering guards; assisting and guiding them through site specific procedures and processes.  He’s very trying and it’s not gone unnoticed by fellow staff members in the building. I find him responsible; covering the desk when our reception closes and clinics run over. Amir will action duties that his morning counterpart couldn't fulfil, doing so without any hesitation; he’s a real team player and has matured over the time with us.

Jackie Sampson

Centre Co-ordinator, NHS Property Services

We had a situation here at Richmond PCC yesterday and Kamran acted responsibly and his quick actions in dealing with a potential gas leak are commendable.  He stayed with the Transco Engineer throughout the time looking for the gas leak and ensured the safety of all staff on site by helping evacuate the building in a timely and orderly manner.  - He is a credit to you and MAN Commercial and should be rewarded for his actions.

Dianne Rivers

Interim Events Officer, National Memorial Arboretum

Just wanted to say thanks to all your team that worked on the above event.  Everyone is saying it was the busiest & best ever.  Kevin, Wayne & Chris were supportive & all the Stewarding team worked well.  

Tracey Millward

Health Centre Manager, NHS Property Services Ltd

I'd just like to let you know about how pleased we are with Leon Thomas at Soho. Leon consistently performs to a very high standard, is great with patients and colleagues alike. Will always go that extra mile with a smile. Without Leon’s support at Soho it would not run as well as it does. Leon is a wonderful example of how a guard should be and a credit to MAN Commercial and feel that this should be recognised. 

Elizabeth Lancaster

Building and Security Manager Paragon Group

Hi, Just wanted to give some good feedback about some guards.  We are having problems with our air conditioning in our server room at HMR (I shan't bore you with the details). Over the last few days this has required regular hourly checking of the temperature by the guards especially over night.  Yas carried out these checks while he was on duty and then so did Brendan - they were lucky and encountered no problems.

On Sunday afternoon the problems really started. Becky was on duty and was an absolute star in carrying out instructions, resetting the units etc etc. Brendan did more of the same on Sunday night and then Ben has been great doing all this last night. On behalf of myself and all at Paragon I would like to thank these three in particular for services beyond the call of duty. - Great Job!

Dawn Smith

Centre Co-Ordinator, NHS Property Services Ltd

Abdul has worked as my security guard for the past 2 years; he has maintained an excellent working relationship with site; he’s polite/courteous, smartly dressed in full uniform and always has his ID on. I can appreciate it’s what you expect from your employees; and it’s grand to see that they adhere to it. I’m sure in your line of work you receive complaints about your guards; I know that I’ve had to grumble in the past. But at times we just need to evaluate and assess what we have and give praise to guards; and I can honestly say I feel fortunate that I’ve have Abdul on my site. Does Man Commercial have a programme/incentive whereas it acknowledges guards who go that extra mile? If so I’d like to nominate Abdul Hamid @ Washwood! Abdul has been consistently reliable, committed, hardworking, and generally aims to please. He thinks out of the box, he’s a quick learners and retains information about site when I may forget!  This is more apparent now that my reception staff have left site; he is 100% behind me and helps out with everything from escorting visitors or callers, to helping out with the setting up a our meeting rooms! He is an oracle of local knowledge too! I thought it would be of great benefit to hear a bit of praise about one of your boys.

John Gauntlett

Security ManagerBechtel

Could you please arrange for Kishor Pandit to be awarded £50 vouchers. I have had very good reports of work he carried out last weekend when there was conferences ongoing at Bechtel House. Those attending although Bechtel staff were not from this office and Kishor went out of his way to assist where possible. Please also put him on your list for officer of the month.

Parrs Wood

Tony Way

Site and Facilities Manager, Parrs Wood High School

Dear Iain, on behalf of the School, I would like to thank your security team for the excellent service they provided at the Parrs Wood Festival on Saturday 20 July.  Their presence was truly respected and admired by all the people integral to the event .  They went about their business in a most professional manner and were extremely mindful that the occasion was geared around being a family one with the atmosphere to match.  There were no incidents to speak of, other than some apple scrumping by young  perpetrators in a neighbouring field, which was completely out of their jurisdiction!   Please pass on my thanks to Andy for directing operations, ably supported by a great back-up!

Sharon Williamson

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School & Sixth Form

Just to say thank you so much for the wonderful support your team gave us on Saturday. Your presence throughout the day really helped make our day a happy and care free event knowing that your team were taking care of security around the perimeter and within school.

Thank you once again and please be assured that we would recommend your services to fellow colleagues at other schools and would certainly use you again for any further events.


Chris Rule

Senior Surveyor, Corporate SolutionsColliers International

Thank you for all your help over the years in what has been a challenging property.

Robert Yates

Quantity Surveyor Carillion Building Birmingham Central Library Project

We have used the services of MAN Commercial Protection for the last 3 and a half years during the construction of the new Library of Birmingham. We have always found the service to be professional, helpful and friendly, and all of our additional requests have been fully accommodated throughout the project, often at short notice.

The Management Team have contributed positively to the organisation of a number of events that affect how the site has been run. These include site work which has had to move outside of the site boundaries (i.e. tower crane erection and dismantle). Also, outside events which are not part of the site, but which have affected site works and security for a number of days, i.e. Political Party Conferences that have taken place in the adjacent Birmingham International Convention Centre

The security guards are always punctual, look presentable in their MAN Commercial uniforms and carry the appropriate identification - they have been an asset to what has often been an extremely demanding project and I would have no hesitation in using them again on future projects.

Thank you for helping to make the Library of Birmingham Project a success!!

Michael Sayers

Safer Travel Officer - CCTV CENTRO - Transfoming Public Transport

I was going to email you to let you know what exceptional work your staff are doing at the moment. We’ve had some exceptional work from all of your operators really which have resulted in some very nasty people being arrested and charged with serious offences. The email below is just one of many that the team have been successful with over the last 5/6 weeks.

I could highlight Geraint, Rich Sparrow, Latoya, Mark Turner and Donna as being absolutely top drawer over the last month or so and leads me to believe that we currently have the best team we’ve ever had.

I know normally we’d talk about an employee of the month but if I’m honest I think it would be unfair for one individual to receive it. Is there any chance you could put together some sort of certificate for team of the month or just a framed certificate that recognises the fantastic work all of your team have achieved.

They really are an giving a superb advert for your company and west midlands police are so happy with their performance.

Matt Archibald

General Manager, British Lionhearts, BMA Boxing UK Ltd

The team at British Lionhearts have enjoyed working with MCP Ltd during our first season in the World Series of Boxing.  The security team at the venue were always keen to help and attentive as were management in the planning stage.  On the whole they had a very quiet time, but reacted well on the one occasion they were required.  We’ll use MCP again and would recommend them to other event organisers

Knowle Fun Run

Barry Dale

Knowle Fun Run

Chris, I would like to give you and your team a very big thank you for all your efforts on Sunday. Our road closures and traffic management would be far more difficult without your presence.

Sarah Scriven

Events Manager The NIA / LG Arena

I just wanted to say thank you for sorting the staff at such short notice.

Andrew Bonnici

Operations Manager, The Brewery Shopping Centre

I would like to commend one of your  security staff Haseeb, who has only been with the Brewery a short time but has proven to be a valuable asset to the centre, displaying good customer awareness coupled with balance authority, he has proven is diligent and punctual and is a credit to your company.

Rudell Jewellers

Glenn Jenkinson

Sales ManagerRudell The Jewellers

I wanted to let you know that Rudells hosted a wonderful VIP client event at Hagley Hall last night and the evening was enhanced by the courteous and  professional security personnel supplied by Man Commercial.  This is our second high profile event of 2012 which has been 'guarded' by Man Commercial and we are always delighted with the quality of staff that you supply.  We have complete confidence in your staff and in their ability to keep our environment safe at the same time as blending into the background.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of your company to any prospective clients who need a high quality security company with staff who are well trained and who provide a high level of service.

Mark Babington

Safer Travel Manager Centro

Just wanted to send a quick email immediately after the event to say thanks to your guys. They are a credit to MAN Commercial and I have received praise for them from colleagues and the Police teams. - 1st class service, thank you.

Birmingham City Council

Sheila Walker

Head of Direct Services, CYPF / School Effectiveness, Birmingham City Council

Good morning Iain. I have been given your name as a contact at MAN Commercial Protection Ltd, the company that provides the concierge / security personnel for Portland Centre (Birmingham City Council) , this having been EustaceFrancis over a period of about a year now . We are soon to vacate thebuilding but I feel that on behalf of Direct Services , the main occupier of Portland Centre , we must commend Eustace  to you as he has given excellent service during the time he has been with us. Eustace is always cheerful, polite, conscientious and wholly professional. He is extremely helpful and always goes that "extra mile" to assist us in our day to day dealings with him. Visitors to the building also comment on the warmth of his greeting and his approach. Nothing is too much trouble for him and we will miss him greatly when we move location in October of this year. I understand that your company has an "employee of the month" scheme and would unreservedly wish to nominate Eustace for this award.  

Sarah Skurr

Building Manager High Cross

Last night we had a flooding toilet on floor 5 which threatened to flood through to the landing carpet.  I had already gone home but I would just like to say that Rachael from MAN Commercial who handled the situation really well, she kept me informed and helped to put bowls under the dripping water which had made its way through the reception ceiling and also into my kitchen.  She stayed until 8.15 pm to make sure everything was ok so please note this for her hours.  

- Fantastic effort and many thanks

Ken Purchase

Chairman boxing hall of fame Great Britain Chairman midlands boxing association Chairman boxfrog promotions

I have know Ian for more years than I care to mention and is a close family pal. With my business boxfrog promotions Man commercial have looked after most of my events up and down the country. Both he and his staff have being polite and professional with all of our customers and indeed they are always prepared to go the extra step to make sure everyone is safe and well on arrival and departure. I could highly recommend Ian and his team to any venue or event. Thank you Iain for all your work at past present and future events. regards ken purchase 

Rupert Stableford

Office Services, Bechtel Ltd

I would like to recommend Jamuna and Giri from Bechtel Pilgrim Street site for employees of the month for their outstanding support stepping up when it matters and going beyond the call of duty to keep the site running smoothly and the added fact that Jamuna even cancelled her holiday to cover her absent colleague making sure proper cover is maintained throughout. I cannot voice my appreciation enough and how reassuring it is to have such a dedicated and conscientious team!

Helen Overton

National Memorial Arboretum

Well done to the team on duty all deserve a pat on the back. I was really happy with the team on Saturday and I thought Kevin was a real gem. We do intend to have a debrief which I hope you are able to attend. We will be in touch with our requirements for the summer shortly

Tim Harrison

Build Manager, Lovell

Can you please pass on my thanks to the 2 guards, for last Friday at the Rally at Camp Hill. They were both very smart and professional.

Andrew Bonnici

Operations Manager, Brewery Shopping Centre, Savills

I thought that I would drop you a note to commend the Man Commercial staff which were on duty on Saturday 17th March, who had to deal with a site wide power cut lasting 35 minutes  and the aftermath of this.  The two staff who have been especially commended to me are Arslan and Florian, both of these security officers performed well beyond their normal duties dealing with customers and tenant questions and were instrumental in keeping the site operational  both during the power cut and getting the site back to normal afterwards. I would be grateful if you could pass on the thanks of the whole of the Man Commercial team at the Brewery, but especially the two above mentioned security officers who are a credit to your company.

Kerrie Davies

Events Manager, Acorns

I am writing to thank you for the support of our Midnight Walk event on Saturday 17th September. We are appreciative for your presence on the night, it was a comfort to the marshals and ladies on the walk knowing you were on hand to provide support on certain areas of the route. It wouldn't be possible for us to put on such events without the generous support of organisations like yourselves. It was a brilliant night and an amazing £80,000 was pledged! Acord relies on donations for more than 80% of its income, so this amount will make a significant difference. Thankyou on behalf of all the children and families of Acorns Children's hospice.

Andy Ayling

Director of Events, Frank Warren Promotions Ltd

Having used various security companies over the years, at many venues and for many events, MAN Commercial are, by a long way, the most organised and professional team we have ever used which is why for 15 years we have never even considered using any other company to provide our security. Whether it be security for a 1,000 seat hall to a 50,000 seat stadium. MAN Commercial can, and have, handled all aspects of the security operation for us from the planning stage, right up to the event and any post event matters that need to be dealt with. On numerous occasions MAN personnel have been employed by us as cash carriers, personal protection and as overseas security for our clients.

Charles Baldwin

Project Director, Carillion PLC

I would just like to highlight the fact that the prompt action by your guard on Thursday night this week avoided a situation developing outside the site. Shaun contacted the police immediately on seeing a situation developing with two groups of opposing youths out side the site. The police attended within a few minutes and a potential fight was avoided and the antagonised detained. Whilst the incident was not directly on our site it does give us confidence that the night guards are alert to activities in and around the site

Lee Francis

Director, Maddison Media

Thanks for Saturday. Your guys were great. Kind regards

Sue Clarke

Team Manager, Sutton Coldfield Council House

I wanted to pass on my thanks for the work John Adam has been involved in for the last two weeks. I work as a manager in Sutton Coldfield Council House. John has acted as our temporary cover concierge for the building from 17th January until today 28th January. He has been so helpful, cheerful, and polite. He has had such a positive attitude to resolving any difficulties we have had always in a professional manner. I have thanked him personally but I believe it is good to let his employer know too. 

Jo Allen

Director, Development & Leasing, Frogmore Property

I don’t visit site that often but when I do Darren is a great ambassador for Rivet and really seems to take pride in the building and its care. In fact, if Darren wasn’t the way he is I would probably feel the need to visit more often. In this regard, I am a very satisfied customer!Regards to all at Man Commercial Protection for a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2011.

Dee McCann

Volunteer Manager, Acorns

I am writing to thank you for your involvement in the recent Wates Living Space Community Project that took place here at the Acorns Children's Hospice. The hospice building and grounds benefited from a spectacular amount of work and I would especially like to thank you for your specific contribution to the success of the project. It was a pleasure to work alongside you and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Geraldine Davies

Gdi Mangement Personal VIP and Publicist Representation

I have nothing but praise for your team. From my perspective they carried out their duties with the utmost professionalism. They were always there, but unobtrusively so and didn't seek to engage in conversation with their clients. Excellent job and most certainly, should the need arise, I would have no hesitation in calling you again.

Andrew Bonnici

Andrew Bonnici, Operations Manager, The Brewery Shopping Centre

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the security staff for their hard work over the period of the riots. Ojay was highlighted as being particularly proactive over this period by Rubie as she worked closely with the night team over this period. Please extend our thanks to all the team. 

Nick Leedham

Event Co-ordinator, NEC GROUP

Firstly can I thank you for delivering the staffing requested at Horse of the Year Show at such short notice, it is always difficult to deliver the volumes we requested with little or no planning time but as always it was successfully delivered. Can I thank you personally and ask that you pass on our thanks to all the staff that worked so hard without issue on what is a very demanding event over some very long hours. I would also like you to pass on my personal thanks to Kevin for his role during the show, he worked alongside myself and Wayne and proved to be a great assistance to both us and the team, he worked exceptionally hard in ensuring both your staff and Arenas staff were kept up to date with any changes and looked out for their welfare during the event. He and all your staff were professional throughout the event and a credit to your company. Once again thank you very much for your assistance in delivering what was a very successful event 

Kerrie Davies

Events Manager, Acorns

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the fantastic security team from Man Commercial Protection Ltd that were employed to support our midnight walk on Saturday 11th September 2010. Andy and his security team proved invaluable both at the event and in the advance preperations, and the whole team were, again, a credit to your company with their professionalism. We are sincerely grateful for the generous discount you offer on your services for the event. Acorns would not be able to put on such events without such support. It was, again, a brilliant night and £94,000 was raised. We look forward to working with you in future years. All the very best to you and the team!

Nick Reay

Project Manager, Carillion PLC

Carillion Building struck up a relationship with MAN Commercial Protection Ltd at their Curzon Street, Birmingham project in 2007. This relationship grew from strength to strength throughout the project due to the excellent service they provided. Guards on site were well presented, polite, understood what we required from them and were well supported by MAN’s management backup. After the Curzon Street project was completed we had no hesitation in using them on an adjacent project at Aston University as well as recommending them to other Carillion sites in the midlands. I am certain this relationship will continue into the future.

Stuart Kennerley

Operations Executive, Showsec

Just a quick line to say thanks for the guy’s you supplied to me for the sponsors at Creamfields, great bunch and I have had some good feedback. Luke was a great help to me and he is a credit to you.

Joe Long

Fighters Inc

MAN provided a constant professional service across the weekend of Seni, the international combat sports show. With over 26,000 visitors we had nothing but positive feedback for a welcoming team who controlled every aspect of the show.

Hamish Wood

The Black Country Museum

Many thanks for the excellent service your team provided over the Easter weekend. Although we did not experience any problems it was good to know that they were on hand – better safe than sorry. Please pass my thanks on to the guys. We are planning events for later in the year so will be in touch in the next few weeks regarding these evening events.

Dave Carter

Secretary, Knowle and Dorridge Lions

I would like to personally thank you and your company for your contribution without which the day would never be the huge success and an enjoyable community event it has become. When all the sponsorship has been received we hope to be able to donate over £40,000 to charity again this year.

Zaf Iqbal

Sales Manager, Fleet Hire Ltd

I wanted to quickly mention that your member of staff who attends the Pay/Display Car Park on Dudley Street just outside of Debenhams was a great help last weekend. He was very friendly, courteous and looked after me in finding some parking at a peak time on weekend.

Kerrie Davies

Events Manager Acorns Childrens Hospice

I would like to thank you and your team for your support of the acorns midnight walk on Saturday 19th September 2009, and for the discount you offered off the costs. The MAN security team proved invaluable at the event, working with our volunteer marshals and the local police to ensure the event was as at safe at all times for the women taking part. It was a wonderful night and £120,000 was pledged, a success beyond all our estimations. Acorns relies on donations for more than 80% of its income so this amount will make a big difference. Thankyou once again and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Lisa Colley

Quantity Surveyor, Morgan Est plc

It has been a pleasure meeting you and dealing with your company therefore If I require security on further contracts I will have no hesitation in recommending / approaching you for your service. We have found the two security personnel at Ray Hall to be on time, smartly dressed, polite and efficient in the work that they were tasked to do making our weekends more enjoyable knowing that our site was being well looked after.

Bob Hetherington

Bars & Security Manager, Hall Green Stadium

On Friday evening following the storm in the afternoon the ground floor at the stadium was under water. The storm drains had forced the water into the building. With out hesitation or being asked the complete team of security officer joined stadium staff in clearing the water and cleaning the building to allow our customers in and for the evening to take place. I and the stadium team cannot thank your staff enough for the help they gave in clearing the water and cleaning up. Once again this shows how good your staff are and I would like you to know about this and I take the opportunity to thank you for your continuing support for Hall Green. Thanks 

Alexis Walker

Redrow Homes

I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team's involvement with our debut launch last weekend. As anticipated over 150 people pitched up on the saturday in the hope of buying a new home. Both Mark and Stephen were fantastic in managing the crowd and kept control throughout the day. Without them it would have been a logistical nightmare! We are now planning a similar launch so look forward to working with you again

Ian Eves

Howards of Stratford LTD

I would like to thank you for your help with my security over the last few months. I appreciate the advice you and your team gave me, the high calibre of the men you supplied for the job who did exactly what I wanted - being discreetly noticable - gave me the cover I needed. I would have no hesitation on recommending you and your company in the future

Jane Bell

Producer, Avalon Promotions

I am writing to thank you for all your hard work in making the above show a success. Frank Skinner & David Baddiel and all of us here at Avalon are very pleased with the end result. I hope there will be opportunities for us to work together on future projects.

Jane Kilminster


Just a note for your records to say thank you for excellent service we received over the last 6 months. All of your guys were so helpful and professional and did a thoroughly good job for us

Joan Thomas

Private Customer

I would like to thank you and your team for their efforts on Saturday night at my grand-daughter Phoebe's party. The service was first class. Once again, thank you!

David J Preston

Town Clerk, Oswestry Town Council

On behalf of the Town Council, I would like to thank you for the excellent service which your company provided on Friday 1st December 2006. This was the third event of this type and it would appear to have been the most successful yet. Thank you once again

Inspector N Knight

Cambridgeshire Constabulary

It is with pleasure that I say I was and still am very impressed with the way you and your staff conducted themselves. They were extremely professional in an arena that could at any time seen violence erupt. It was obvious to me that each of you had a job to do and you all go on with it without any problems or concerns. As the senior police officer there, it was reassuring to know that security was being run by a well-trained and experienced individual who was supported similarly by dedicated Staff. I thank you for all of your help both before, during and post event and int would have absolutely no reservations to working with you and your company again.

Claire Jenkins

Event Manager, Millenium Stadium

On Behalf of the Millenium Stadium Team, I just wanted to express our thanks for helping deliver a very sucessful event over the weekend. The staff were very helpful and professional at all times throughout the event and it was a pleasure to work with you all. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Dan Meredith

Senior Marketing Executive, Aston Villa Football Club

I just wanted to write to thank MAN Security for your help at the recent Kit Launch event in Brindley Place in Birmingham City Centre. In organising the event and not knowing how many members of the public would turn up, we required a security solution that was flexible and well-organised. We certainly got such a service from MAN and the higher than expected crowd - most of which were eager to get close to our first team members - were dealt with in a respectful but firm manner.I would particularly like to thank those members of your team tasked with marshalling the players through the crowd to the stage, VIP lounges, changing areas and their cars - I think Luke, Craig and Brad were their names. They did a fantastic job and helped us unveil the 2008/09 replica kits to the watching world through a very smooth and unproblematic event. We wish you all the success in the future and will keep you on the radar for any possible upcoming events.

Sgt Peter Sellers

Planning & Events Office

On behalf of Insp. Mo Razaq and myself, can I compliment and thank you for the excellent service you gave at the above event. Your management team and staff were efficient and prompt in dealing with any issues that arose during the evening. Their ability to use conflict resolution in dealing with potentially volatile situations was evident and their smart appearance gave a professional image. Thanks once again and I look forward to working with you in the future.


Event Co-ordinator, NEC GROUP

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supplying 50 plus staff each open day for the Horse of the Year show at such late request. I would especially like you to pass on my thanks to your staff that worked on the event, it was very long and unsociable hours with a very demanding audience. Your staff worked extremely well and are a credit to your company. We look forward to continuing to work with you and your staff in the near future.

Julie Bennett

Operations Manager, Stratford-upon-Avon Town Management Partnership

I am happy to say that we were very pleased with the service provided by your security team over the food festival. As well as being very efficient they are very amiable fellows and we enjoyed working with them. We hope to work with you all again in the future.

Louise Cross

Head of Sport, London Youth

The Team were great and everything was kept under control. A brilliant, professional service

Joel Stevens

Development Manager - South Area, Clubs for Young People

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your guys for the security on the 15th March at York hall they were a great team, very professional and did an excellent job. Look forward to working with them in the future, Once again, many thanks


Kevin - just a brief note of thanks to you and John for the superb job you did for us last Saturday. I know for you it will just be business as usual, but it was refreshing for us to work with people who are so professional, do what they say they will , and with no fuss or drama. The way you conducted yourself was a lesson to us all. There are many people in that village for whom it was a very big day - you helped make that day for them - Many thanks again