Entrepreneurs Club 2022, hosted by The FD & CFO Centre

This month our Team were invited by the FD & CFO Centre to attend the Entrepreneurs Club 2022, which is a buzzing networking evening held at The Oyster Club in Birmingham.

It was a fantastic night from start to finish; Steve Anderson, the West Midlands Regional Director of the FD Centre & CFO Centre, served as host for the night ensuring proceedings went smoothly. MAN Commercial CEO, Iain McCallister, was one of two guest speakers on the night, delivering a truly inspirational speech, reflecting on our journey and ending with our exciting plans for the future. Iain said, “I love to share our story; I have a great relationship with the FD & CFO Centre and it was a pleasure to speak at such a great event.

To introduce Iain to the stage, the Customer Success Story video that the FD & CFO Centre recently created for us was played, which really captured the audience’s interest and prompted some great questions in the Q&A session!