Employee of the month

MAN Commercial Protection Ltd employs a large number of staff who work on a variety of projects. To say thank you and for a bit of fun we have Employee of the month. Below you can see recent winners.

Employee of the Month - Oct 2019

October’s employee of the month is Alhagie Gaye, who works on our Portmeirion London Road site. Alhagie was doing his patrols when he heard a loud bang and saw a male smashing the glass and climbing in to the store. He immediately called the police and the male was arrested with a number of items which he had stolen. Alhagie gave a very detailed statement to the police and they are very optimistic of gaining a conviction for the male. The officers were very impressed with Alhagie and commented on his professional behaviour. Here is Alhagie with his certificate and £25 high street vouchers. Well done Alhagie!

Employee of the Month - Sep 2019

Jason Williams

Our September employee of the month is Jason Williams, who works on site at Tricorn House. Jason challenged and deterred five people who were behaving anti-socially in reception. Our client says ‘Despite using threatening behaviour and aggressive body language, crowding around him and threatening to steal an iPad, Jason’s calm demeanour and appropriate use of minimal force meant a potentially violent situation was diffused and CEG’s property was protected. Jason acted impeccably and was a perfect example of how a hostile situation can successfully be managed; I believe he should be recognised for his conduct’ Here is Jason receiving his certificate and £25 high street vouchers. Excellent work Jason, well done!

Employee of the Month - Aug 2019

Our August employees of the month are Roger Mitchell and Anthony Albrow who work at our Lucozade Ribena Suntory site. Both officers have been recognised for their support during a key audit whilst training a new officer on site. Our client says ‘Roger and Tony consistently deliver great service and work to a high standard at Coleford.’ Pictured is Roger and Anthony with their certificates and high street vouchers. Well done Roger and Anthony! Keep up the great work!

Employee of the Month - Jul 2019

Pawel Gestewicz & Dawid Wasikowski

Our employees of the month for July are Pawel Gestewicz and Dawid Wasikowski, who both work at Cambridge Leisure Park. Dawid and Pawel have received great feedback on an event that happened on site recently. Their comments read ‘If it wasn’t for the quick thinking and acting of your guys, Pawel and Dawid, today we would have lost over £100 worth of goods. Their hard work and dedication to prevent acts like these are very much appreciated on a daily basis. Please recognise them for their outstanding security work.’ Pictured is Pawel and Dawid receiving their certificates and £25 high street vouchers each. Well done Pawel and Dawid!

Employee of the Month - Jun 2019

Alex Kessel

Our employee of the month for June is Alex Kessel, who is one of our Officers on Reception at Camomile Court in London. Alex received some great feedback from one of the visitors at Camomile Court, she said in her email: ‘Alex represents what cannot be taught in the classroom as service needs to come from the heart and not from the book. He is incredibly charming when dealing with visitors and he is, in my opinion, one of the best receptionists in the city!’ Here is Alex with his certificate and £25 high street voucher. Well done Alex, fantastic work!

Employee of the Month - May 2019

Niall Poulter & Nicholas Macnaughtan

Our employees of the month winners for May are Niall Poulter and Nicholas Macnaughtan, who both work at Sunseeker Portland. Niall and Nicholas were nominated by their manager Mike McLaughlin for successfully stopping a theft from happening on site when conducting their searches recently. Here is Niall (left) and Nicholas (Far Right) receiving their certificate and £25 high street vouchers with manager Mike. Well done to both Niall and Nicholas!

Employee of the Month - Apr 2019

Anton Martinen

Our employee of the month winner for April is Anton Martinen, who has been with MAN Commercial for 4 years and is our Senior Supervisor at Cambridge Leisure Park. Anton was nominated by Area Manager Rob Link, who says Anton consistently performs at a high standard. Anton also recently received great feedback from a member of the public who's family he went above and beyond to help in the event of an assault.
Here is Anton pictured (left) with Stewart Belcher, our General Manager at Cambridge Leisure receiving his certificate and £25 high street vouchers. Well done Anton, and thank you for all of your hard work!

Employee of the Month - Mar 2019

Crispen N/A

Our Employee of the Month Winner for February is Crispen, who has been with MAN Commercial for 18 months. Crispen was nominated for the award by our Control Room Team who wanted to recognise his helpful attitude and willingness to go the extra mile. Crispen is one of our Aviation Trained Officers and as such we rely on him to assist with cover at our Air Cargo sites, often at very short notice. Crispen has always been happy to offer his support and is a fantastic team player.
Crispen is pictured receiving his certificate and prize from his Manager, Devroy Burke.

Employee of the Month - Feb 2019

Neil McLennan

February's Winner is Neil McLennan, who has been with MAN since January 2018 and is based in Stoke-On-Trent. Neil was put forward for this award by our client on site, Oliver, who said: "On the 14March 2019 at 0920hrs Neil spotted a male on CCTV trying to steal a bike from the bike shed. Neil's vigilant work stopped a theft from occurring. This is not the first time and I am sure it will not be the last time Neil's professional work ethic and dedication has stopped a crime. Neil is a credit to your company and I believe he deserves recognition."
Well done to Neil from us all at MAN!

Employee of the Month - Jan 2019

Officers at

In January we were delighted to honour our Officers at The Brewery Shopping Centre in Romford with a Special Team Achievement Award.
This was following an outstanding group performance from our guards when a gun was pulled out on an elderly gentlemen on site. Our officers all kept calm and acted quickly, immediately assigning security to all hold evacuation points. The Control Room officers then guided the police and a swift arrest was made. The Police Arms Response Commander congratulated our security team for their quick thinking and effective communication, leading to a smooth resolution of the incident with minimum fuss and disruption to the public.
Pictured are our team receiving their certificates and gift vouchers prizes.
Joao, Haseeb. Muhammad, Arnus, Kossi and Ionel – thank you for your hard work and dedication!