Employee of the month

Here at MAN Commercial we employ over 1500 staff who represent us on a wide range of different sites all around the UK. Each month we review nominations received and lucky winners are awarded with our ‘Employee of the Month’ prize, which is presented in celebration of their achievement. You can view our winners below.

Employee of the Month - Jun 2020

Andrew Gresham-Simpson

This months employee of the month is Andrew Gresham-Simpson, who is our Security Supervisor at The Range in Thorne. Andrew was nominated by our client who says ‘Andrew has shown exceptional commitment to the contract through these difficult times, I believe Andrew to be an outstanding officer and a credit to MAN and The Range contract, he has a positive attitude and a welcoming character that is always noted by visitors to June and myself, and is very professional in his approach and well respected by his colleagues. Andrew thinks for himself and is very self-motivated and open to new processes and ideas. Andrew has managed the reception area calmly and confidently throughout the 2m distancing period something that at times must have been exceedingly difficult to do, Andrew kept his calm approach and controlled the flow of people and distances between them along with our team of managers, this may sound simple but when you consider over three hundred people will enter and exit the building at a shift change, quite a task for any team.’ Pictured is Andrew with his certificate and £25 high street shopping vouchers. Great work, Andrew!

Employee of the Month - Jun 2020

Abraham Dampha

Our second employee of the month for June is Abraham Dampha, who is one of our Security Officers at Snow Hill Carpark. Abraham has been with us 12 years and has had some excellent feedback from our client who says ‘We all know that when Abraham is on duty we can rely on him to carry out regular patrols and keep us all informed of any issues there are. Incidents and updates are reported very quickly and he responds and acknowledges all our emails. During the COVID 19 restrictions he has moved from his regular position at Millennium Point car park to Snow Hill car park and he has been sending us regular car park usage figures which are very important for us to have so we can monitor car park usage. He recently notified my colleague of someone suspicious trying to open car boots and this was picked up on CCTV and the police were notified this shows how diligent he is in his duties. He is a very good security supervisor and keeps us informed of all security related issues and is also able to get in touch with any of the security guards we have on duty very quickly if we need to inform them of anything. We are very grateful for the work he does for us and would like it to be acknowledged.’ Heres Abraham with his manager Scott receiving his certificate and vouchers. Well done Abraham!

Employee of the Month - May 2020

Bright Darko

Our May employee of the month is Bright Darko, who is one of our Security Officers works at Newman University. Bright has made a measurable impact on the team at Newman but more recently he was involved in an incident in which he acted exceptionally and with the highest level of professionalism. He took a call from someone saying that there was a student on the campus who was harming themselves in an attempt to commit suicide. This was completely unexpected and it resulted in Bright saving the student’s life. Well done Bright, we are very proud! Pictured is Bright with his certificate and high street vouchers, with Matt Hemmersley who is our client.

Employee of the Month - Apr 2020

Paul Smith

Our employee of the month for April is Paul Smith, who works on our Amazon site in Rugby. Paul professionally and successfully dealt with someone who was drunk whilst he was stepping up as supervisor and the client have mentioned what a great job he did. Here is Paul with his vouchers and certificate, great job Paul!

Employee of the Month - Mar 2020

Golom Arif & Geoff Wherton

Our first employee of the month for March is Geoffrey Wherton, who works on ours Portmerion site. Geoff recently helped out and spent 1.5 hours clearing water after a down pipe came off and flooded the area. Geoff's help was very appreciated on site. Well done Geoff! Our second employee of the March is Golam Arif, who works on our Amazon site in Leicester Coalville. Golam successfully found a suspect of a stolen item on site last month. This is his third capture in less than a year. Well done Golam!

Employee of the Month - Feb 2020

Trevor Campbell and Joao Gouveia -

Our February employees of the month is Trevor Campbell and Joao Gouveia, who both work at The Brewery in London. Our client said ‘We would like to nominate Trevor & Joao as employees off the month to show our appreciation for their dedication and hard work they have put through working at The Brewery. They are always on time, smart and willing to go the extra mile. They have been an asset especially during critical times i.e. incidents, day to day running, etc. They are both considered competent staff as they can adapt to different situations and using the incident on 16th January (fight in the mall) as an example, both performed exceptionally and should be commended for their efforts to keep their morale up’ Pictured above is Trevor and Joao with their certificates and they have both received their high street vouchers. Great job guys!!

Employee of the Month - Jan 2020

Aidarous Awil

January’s employee of the month is Aidarous Awil, who works on Snowhill car park. Aidarous recently helped a lady who was struggling to pay her parking ticket and carry her baby’s buggy down the stairs. He paid £2.00 of his own money to help the lady and ensured that her and her baby exited the carpark safely. To quote the lady ‘I could not thank him enough for his kindness and practical help. These things rarely happen and he was amazing. I tried to offer to pay him back later but he refused. He suggested I donate to charity which I did. He really made my day so much easier.’ Pictured here is Aidarous with his certificate and shopping vouchers. Well done Aidarous!!