Employee Testimonials

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Thomas Olliver

Security Officer - Lockmeadow

“This company is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to providing training for their staff. The management team such as Venelin, Ilhan and Petko are all great guys, making it a pleasant and enjoyable place to work. The supervisor on my site is great, and Gerhard is the best company director I have ever worked for. He regularly checks in on his sites/staff, which speaks volumes about how professional and caring the company is. I cannot praise MAN Commercial Protection enough for the training they provide. For the past two years, I have had the pleasure of working with Tristan Boakes, who is a wonderful supervisor! He always listens, offers help, gives constructive criticism, and praises us when it’s due. I want to thank everyone at MAN Commercial Protection for the time invested in me. It’s been a pleasure to work for this company.“

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Shane Mallon

Assistant Contract Manager

I joined MAN Commercial through TUPE transfer 7 years ago in the summer of 2013. Having experience of working for a number of security companies, both large and small, I could tell instantly that MAN were going to be a very good company to work for. My initial instincts proved correct, I was in a site supervisor position at the time and received over and above the levels of support and encouragement normally given in this role. Forward three and a half years and I was offered a role in operations support, which gave me an insight to the inner workings of MAN. I liked what I saw and learned a lot during this time. After 18 months I was promoted to assistant contract manager, a role I continue in to this day. The things I like about working for MAN are they appreciate and reward hard work, the senior management are approachable and very supportive and they look after their officers, who then in turn look after their clients. This works as MAN have the by far the best client retention rate, I have seen in my 20 years in the security industry. I am looking forward to many more years in the employment of MAN Commercial.

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Scott Broadway

Control Room Manager

I started my journey with MAN Commercial in 2009 as a mobile driver. On first impression they were a supportive company, the management were always more than happy to help. 18 months later I moved into our Control Room located within our Head Office as a night time controller. In 2011 I moved onto days rather than night shifts, this allowed me to have a more in-depth insight to how the inside operations ran and allowed me to further expand my knowledge of the security industry along with implementing our new Timegate system. A year later I received a promotion to Control Room Manager and have continued with the company since, having involvement in not just the control room but various sectors of the business such as helping manage events Since April 2019. The company really invest in and progress their staff, they show thanks and appreciation which makes staff feel valued and still to this day the help from management is on- going. I look forward to my continued journey with MAN Commercial and can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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Stuart Park

Keyholding Manager

My employment with MAN Commercial began on 08/04/2011, meaning I have now worked for MAN Commercial for over 9 years. MAN Commercial are a family run business, this can be seen in the way in which they treat their staff, they have continuously allowed me progress throughout my professional journey, all Management have always been immensely supportive. I thoroughly enjoy working for MAN Commercial & all the employees at MAN Commercial are such a pleasure to work with. When I started in 2011 my role was CCTV Operator working within a CCTV Control Room. In 2014 I was then given the opportunity to work in the Head Office Control Room where I worked for 3years. In 2017 I was given the chance to work within the Ops Support Team, where I was trained and learnt all the procedures regarding an Ops Support Supervisor alongside assisting the key holding department. Last year in 2019 the company then decided to allow me to progress further once again into the role of Key Holding Manager which is the position, I’m currently in. I really am very grateful and appreciative of everything MAN Commercial have done for me within my career they have allowed me to continually expand my skills and knowledge within the workplace resulting in my professional progression, I couldn’t ask to work for a better company!

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Jamie Walsh

Site Security Manager.

I Jamie Walsh started with MAN Commercial Protection 4 years ago. My journey began as a Security Officer and I have since progressed in to the role of Site Security Manager. Working for MAN Commercial has been one of the best experiences of my life when I first started MAN Commercial, I had no significant qualifications, I had only my DS licence. Working with the company has given me the chance to progress not only in the role but also in my professional qualifications allowing me to be trained in 2 security sectors, first aid training, fire marshal training, level 2 health and safety, iosh… the list is endless! I really appreciate working for such a family orientated company that looks after all employees no matter what position you are within the company; we are all as important and are treated as such. Couldn’t ask for a better company to work for!

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Mel Brown

Mobilisation Manager

Just under 8 years ago I was TUPE transferred over to MAN Commercial Protection as a Security Manager on a large distribution site, after a short while I was given the opportunity to go out to other sites and conduct security audits and make recommendations to improve their security, which was thoroughly enjoyable. After 5 years MAN Commercial Protection were no longer continuing with site I was primarily based at, I was then approached by my managers and asked to stay with MAN Commercial Protection. I made the decision to stay with the company as I felt really appreciated, a decision I don’t regret to this day! The senior team are very supportive and look after our officers and clients in any way they possibly can. I am really looking forward to continuing working for the company for many years to come and really appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given.