Ethics and Values

MAN Commercial’s strategy, culture and ethos (ie its philosophy) are all shaped by its values which focus on customer service, care towards our clients and, just as important, support to all our employees, they are:

  • To be recognized as the best in customer/client service.
  • To value customers and act in their best interest.
  • To be open, candid and act with integrity.
  • To fulfill our people’s potential.

These core values are what we hold to be truly important. They define what we are as a company and are, in effect, the promise we make to our customers and our employees. The values give us a foundation on which to operate and lay at the very heart of MAN Commercial Protection procedures; and provide an insight into the standards we set for the business.

It is these values that have enabled us to build a flexible and adaptable firm in order to keep pace with changes in economic conditions; market opportunities; competitive threats and legislative requirements that all impact on the direction and development of the business.