Outstanding Act Awards

Jack Adair

In June 2021, our Security Officer Jack was responsible for saving a life while on duty at Lockmeadow Leisure Complex in Maidstone. Jack was conducting a routine site patrol, when he heard cries for help coming from Millennium Bridge. He looked around and managed to spot a distressed male in the river, who was drowning. Jack leapt into action and reacted immediately by obtaining a nearby life-ring and throwing it, before guiding the male to safety and assisting him getting him back onto dry land. Jack’s colleague contacted emergency services, and he and Jack remained monitoring and reassuring the male until police and fire service were in attendance.

Jack’s instinctive reactions undoubtedly saved the gentleman’s life, and the local authorities expressed their admiration and gratitude for the way the incident was dealt with. The Mayor of Maidstone, Fay Gooch, attended site soon after the event to meet with Jack, and thank him personally for his outstanding work, going above and beyond in his duties, and keeping the community safe.

Remarkably, this incident occurred on Jack’s first ever shift with MAN Commercial, and his first time working at Lockmeadow Leisure! Arek Pyc, our client on site, said, “It was Jack’s first shift on our site and the way he has reacted and dealt with incident was really impressive. I’d like to say that Jack always performs on the highest level and when he’s on shift, and when there is no management on site he takes on all required roles and responsibilities very well. After the incident Maidstone Mayor and Maidstone Borough Council property manager have both attended the site to congratulate Jack for his brave approach. Jack is a great asset to the security team and I’m very happy with his day-to-day performance.”

Jack has been awarded by the company with our ‘Outstanding Act’ award; a custom-made gold-plated personalised badge, an accolade reserved for officers who well and truly have gone beyond the call of duty, with life-saving results. Pictured is Jack receiving his award from Arek.

Akeem Akodu

Jones David Okodu

Muhammed Mubeen

Joao Gouveia

Kossi NDanou

Shahzad Khan

Trevor Campbell

Nirmal Singh

The Brewery Team

The Brewery team have long been on our radar as being exceptional role models. Following their involvement in several life-threating incidents on site, MAN Commercial have awarded the whole team with our Outstanding Act badges.

CEO Iain McCallister and People & Communications Director Laura McCarthy attended site to meet the team, who have also been crowned ‘Best Team’ for the London region in the 2022 BSIA British Security Awards regional rounds!

People and Communications Director Laura McCarthy said, “The Brewery team were chosen for Outstanding Act recognition after an outstanding 12 months during which the team have received praise for their handling of exceptional and out-of-the-ordinary events, such as being first response to a tragic suicide on site, preventing anti-social behaviour, thefts and assaults, and Kossi’s courage when he intervened to save a life following a suicide attempt in the multi-story car park. This team stand out from their peers not just for the volume of challenging incidents they deal with, but the way in which they tackle and resolve them, and their general approach and attitude to their roles. It is an honour to meet them all today and pass on gratitude and commendation from MAN Commercial. We are extremely lucky to have these officers on board.

Team members also awarded

  • Usman Khan
  • Michael Babatunde
  • Asad Sandu

CCTV Operators at WMCA, Birmingham

In November 2019, a fatal incident took place in Solihull Town Centre, where a young male was stabbed which ultimately led to his death.

When a fatal incident occurred in Solihull town centre, our team Sarah, Michael and Chris were on a night shift at the busy WMCA CCTV Control Room. 

After spotting the incident on the live cameras, they carefully traced the suspect’s movements while closely liaising with the police. 

The following day, Mo was on shift and played a crucial role in catching the suspect when he remembered the offender from a previous incident and was able to assist police with an identification.

Due to their exceptional work, the police were then able to track down the suspect with the pictures generated from the footage, resulting in him being arrested, and later charged. Our CEO, Iain McCallister visited the team, awarding them with their ‘Outstanding Act’ certificate and very special gold badges.

Dave Cox, Events Team

Dave has been at MAN Commercial for 3 years now, and has become a reliable member of our Events team.Dave was working within a response team at Warwick Racecourse when he received a call requesting urgent medical support. As the team’s designated First Aider, Dave rushed to attend and found a gentleman choking. Dave immediately reacted by giving the CPR and mouth to mouth. The gentleman had to be shock revived twice with a defibrillator before the paramedics arrived to take over.

Impressed with Dave’s quick thinking actions, the attending paramedic said, “Without the prompt actions of Dave, this person would have died.”

Andrew Broadway, one of Dave’s colleagues who witnessed the incident said, “I was so proud of how Dave handled the situation; he deserves recognition for his impressive actions that saved a man’s life!”On our 29th Birthday, Dave was invited to Head Office to meet the team, where he was also awarded his certificate by Traci McCallister, HR Director and People & Communications Director Laura McCarthy. 

Marc Pawson, Site Manager, Meggitt Aerospace 

Marc has been presented with his Outstanding Act Award after he demonstrated calmness, bravery and professionalism by rapidly responding to a severe incident just on the road outside his site, when a child was hit by a bus, which also led to the bus driver suffering a heart attack. Marc and his team were the first to the scene and were able to rescue the child from beneath the bus and assist the driver until the ambulance arrived. Fortunately, the paramedics were able to save both individuals involved.

Marc was presented with his award at Head Office by People & Communications Director Laura McCarthy and Gill Yardley, Account Director. On receiving Outstanding Act recognition, Mark said “Thank you to everyone for the support I’ve received while I’ve been at MAN Commercial, I am so pleased to receive this award, and I will wear my badge with pride.”  Marc also expressed the importance of being First Aid trained, saying, “The training is vital, without knowing the correct procedures to follow these individuals could have died. With First Aid trained staff on-site, you can save lives.” 

Peter Luckman

Over the last five years, Peter has held a variety of roles with us including being a mobile driver, static guarding as a CCTV Operator. 

In 2019, Peter was monitoring the CCTV from Walsall town centre when he witnessed a serious crime caught on camera. After a local boxing event, a brawl spilled out onto the street outside the venue. Peter noticed a young male acting very suspiciously, so he decided to track his movements. While closely monitoring the situation, Peter witnessed a violent knife attack on a young man. Peter was crucial in the catching of the offender, as he was communicating with the police throughout the whole incident and provided pictures of the target that allowed the police to track him down.

Peter said “I was so shocked when I saw it, I was determined to catch the person responsible for the attack so I assisted the police in every way I could. I am proud to be receiving this award, this is a special achievement for me.”  Peter was invited to Head Office where he was presented with his award by HR Director Traci McCallister. 

Jason Astley

For the past 13 years, Jason has been a familiar face at MAN Commercial, and is a key member of our Events team.

When working on a Covid testing site last year, Jason received a call asking for help and rushed to intervene. When he arrived at the scene, Jason found a gentlemen choking. “The man was struggling to breathe, so I immediately bent the gent over and struck him several times on the back to dislodge whatever was choking him”  said Jason.

Jason’s rapid response, quick thinking and calmness in his actions meant that he was able to remove the object blocking the man’s throat. The ambulance arrived moments later, with the paramedic commenting afterwards, “Jason should be really proud, his actions may well have saved this man’s life or prevented serious injury, he is a credit to MAN Commercial Protection”. 

We are so proud of Jason’s dedication to the job and his long service at MAN Commercial Protection. 

We asked Jason to pop in and see us at Head Office and surprised him by awarding him with his ‘Outstanding Act’ certificate and gold plated recognition badge.