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2022 BSIA British Security Awards Regional Winners Announced!

On 21st April 2022, the regional winners of the Security Personnel Awards at the British Security Awards were announced. After a record number of entries, over 50 officers and teams from across the UK were recognised for their commitment to keeping people, places and property safe over the last year.

We are delighted that two of our exceptional Security Teams have been named as regional winners in the ‘Best Team’ category for their respective areas!

Cambridge Leisure, Cambridge 

The Brewery, Romford 

The Security team of 8 at Cambridge Leisure are nothing short of exceptional, and are frequently praised by our client, tenants, members of the public and the emergency services. The team were put forward for recognition by MAN Commercial Protection after an outstanding 12 months. They are confident first-aiders, and are able to assist in a wide-range of challenging and dangerous situations that occur on site. These have included handling suicide attempts, medical emergencies, anti-social behaviour, fires, accidents and more.

Cambridge Leisure is busy complex, and welcomes high numbers of visitors daily. The location and amenities can attract anti-social behaviour, vandalism and thefts. It also means lots of maintenance issues, tenant concerns, and being the first responders to issues such as power cuts or flooding. The team are responsible for attending all incidents promptly, professionally and correctly, and safeguarding the public while ensuring minimum disruption to the centre and tenant operations. The team are often praised for enthusiastically doing more than is needed, with our client Stewart Belcher– General Manager of the site – saying,

The team are always happy to go the extra mile with support to myself, cleaning team, occupiers and client even with tasks that would not normally be part of their day-to-day duties.”

Our Cambridge Leisure team are excellent role models to others in our company; they never hesitate to do exactly what is required of them, get involved where needed, and always maintain professional standards and communication.

The Brewery Shopping Centre in Romford have a Security Team of 14, and regularly receive more positive feedback, praise and thanks than anywhere else. Over the past year, the the team have received recognition for their handling of exceptional and out-of-the-ordinary events, such as being first response to a tragic suicide on site, dealing with anti-social behaviour and assaults, preventing thefts, and intervening to save a life following a suicide attempt in the multi-story car park.

This team stand out from their peers not just for the volume of challenging incidents they deal with, but the way in which they tackle and resolve them, and their general approach and attitude to their roles. These officers consistently act in the interest of public safety and welfare and to protect our client’s interests.

When MAN Commercial Director Gerhard Van Deventer was asked to sum up his team’s star quality his answer says it all, “All I can say is this – if I owned a shopping centre then this is the team that I would like to have onboard to protect and manage my security and health and safety, as well as ensuring a safe and friendly shopping environment for my shoppers and the public.”

Regional winners will go head-to-head to be named national champions at the British Security Awards 2022, which will be held on 29th June at the London Marriott Grosvenor Square. Good luck teams!